We are directed to find, develop, and supply market-friendly deer products.

Customized Venison Cuts

The realistic value of deer meat might depend on what the deer's genetics are, how they are fed, when the deer is slaughtered, and how useful its processed cut is to the consumer's preferences. We like to find the best deer and supply customer-preferred cuts.

Nutritional Venison Patties

We develop and supply various nutritional venison patties that contain additional ingredients for enhancement of target health benefits.

Dietary Deer Products

We identify key components of deer meat and velvet that provide health benefits for humans, develop various deer products that optimise the effectiveness for the target benefit and can be favoured in the market, and do our best to supply them for customers at a more acceptable price.  

Quality Fresh Velvet

The quality of deer velvet is largely determined by what is genetic of deer, how the deer is fed, and when the velvet is cut. As every farm might have their own breeding and feeding methods, it is unlikely for all deer farms to produce the same velvet. We do our best to find good velvets and supply them to customers. Furthermore, we are keen on helping our customers secure their preferred deer velvets through contract production.

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