We develop and supply premium-grade nutritional venison patties that contain additional ingredients for enhancement of target health benefits in addition to the benefits of deer meat.

Why venison (deer meat) is good for you?

The nutritional highlight of deer meat is that it is relatively low in fat and saturated fat. Deer meat contains typically 1.6g of fat per 100g of deer meat. This compares to around 4.5g in grass-fed beef. A diet high in saturated fat can raise the level of cholesterol and increase the risk of disease. And also, many studies show various benefits of deer meat.

Energy & Immunity

Our 1 piece (approximately 40g) of nutritional venison patty for energy & immunity contains:

  • at least 100mg of a water-soluble velvet powder (it is equivalent to 2.5g of dried deer velvet and at least 150g of dried velvets are used for 60 pieces of patties),
  • various plant-based extract powders to help with the enhancement of energy and immunity,
  • more than 500mg of valine, 800mg of leucine, and 400mg of isoleucine (10 pieces of patties provides 5g of valine, 8g of leucine, and 4g of isoleucine), along with various amounts of different amino acids, and
  • at least 300mg of phospholipids (10 pieces of patties provides 3g of phospholipids).

Valine relates to its role in muscle synthesis, and leucine could be important in the treatment of the metabolic syndrome. Isoleucine can boost energy and improve the immune system by assisting in the production of haemoglobin.

Phospholipids play a critical role in enhancing immunity and regulating ageing.


Our nutritional venison patties can be supplied with the customer’s label and packaging.